Private Sessions

Artistic Coaching*
Artistic coaching takes your already set choreographed piece from being a pattern of phrases to the complete picture of a stage performance. The goal is achieved by working on details, timing, and narrative. The process begins by understanding your theme, connection and intention of the piece, and then determining how you wish to deliver it. Anna will work with you to push out of the comfort zone, and allow for your body to find various ways of expressing the choreography. The goal is to give the piece life: let it become a part of you, and trust your body to simply tell a story.

Choreography + Artistic Coaching
Are you preparing for a performance or a competition but don’t know how to put it together? Anna will choreograph and coach you from the beginning to end of your journey from the studio to the stage. You will have a complete choreography as well as being ready to perform it on stage.

*Anna is available for artistic coaching over Skype



Storytelling Workshop
Students will learn contemporary movement based choreography on the pole. By using a step-by-step method, Anna gives the students ways to experiment with the phrase by adding elements such as intention, rhythm, texture, and guided improvisation. We’ll play with the idea of how emotions and narratives connect with the movements, the role of music, and how we turn movements into dance. The goal is for each person to develop personal artistry and dance their own “story” by expressing individual interpretation of the movements using the same choreography. (No tricks are taught in this class/No dance background necessary)



“Spin Pole Combos” at Incredipole Wednesdays at 8pm-9:15pm
This class is open to advanced beginners- advanced students who are comfortable with basic technique, including climbs and strong grip upright holds. We will use your basic skills to further build fundamentals on the spinner pole, learn how to manipulate and control the speed of the pole, and get comfortable with transitions. Each class will consist of a short warm-up, a skill exercise and spinner pole flow combo. The flow combos are modified to the skill level of each student.