“My personal relationship with Anna goes back to 2009, when I was a burgeoning competitive pole dancer and she was co-organizer of USPDF. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that I got to experience Anna as a choreographer, when I enlisted her to help with my performance for the Swiss Pole Show. Anna has a gentle, contemplative and approachable style, and effortlessly adapts choreography and movement language to the individual dancer. During two 90-minute private lessons with her, we managed to complete an entire routine, which speaks to her efficiency and confidence as a choreographer. I highly recommend anyone working on a performance or competition piece to collaborate with Anna. Your routine will be you, only better.” —Natasha Wang

2014 PWN Female Performance Artist of the Year
2014 PWN Inspirational Artist of the Year
2013 IPC Ultimate Champion
2012 Pole Art Runner-Up
2011 US Pole Dance Champion
2010 USPDF West Coast Champion
2010 California Pole Dance Champion
2010 East Meets West ‘Pole-AM’ Champion
Principal Dancer with Girl Next Door

“I’ve known Anna for over 4 years now, initially as one of my first pole dance instructors, and now as a good friend and artistic coach. For every piece I create, Anna has helped guide me to develop choreography and a level of expression that feels genuine to who I am as a dancer. She truly excels at helping any student or professional performer find their unique style. With a keen eye for line, dynamic scope, and detail, she makes choreographing a piece, or developing your own quality of movement feel easy. I would heartily recommend working with Anna at any stage in choreography, whether you are just starting to create, or have a fully-formed piece in need of a fresh perspective. She’s never over-bearing, only providing guidance that is flexible, allowing you to find the movements and shapes that will look best on you. As an incredibly talented dancer herself, Anna makes every movement count, lending strong inspiration to any dancer wishing to explore their craft with new feeling.”–Lara Michaels, Pole Performer, Competitor, and Body and Pole instructor

“I met Anna through Kelly Yvonne at the Choreography House in 2013. I had heard of Anna’s talents and participated in her workshop. One class and I was hooked! We collaborated on my winning 2014 PSO PPC Level 4 Dramatic piece. At the beginning stages of putting my piece together, she was in NYC and I was in LA, so we corresponded via phone and email. She arrived in LA a week prior to the competition to which we worked tirelessly on re-working, tweaking, and putting final touches on the piece. She contributed to my piece in the sense that she has the ability to take your thoughts and feelings that you would like to convey and create retro-fitted movement to ones personal dance style and body to evoke the essence of what you would like to say through dance. She helped alter and move around my choreography for better flow in my story. Anna also added “icing” on a lot of my basic choreography that elevated the piece to the next level. Without her expert eye and suggestions, I would not have won the competition! I have learned and will continue to learn a tremendous amount from Anna. For my next competition entry, I will be collaborating once again with her.

Anna’s movement has such a wonderful balance of simply choreographed moments intertwined with brilliant intricacies. These combine to create beautiful, dynamic and one-of-a kind choreography that transforms the dance. Some of her strengths and qualities are that she’s patient, supportive, conscientious and focused which makes her a great mentor and coach. She has a great eye, provides honest feedback, and can come up with many movement options. The movement that Anna creates is mesmerizing.

I recommend working with Anna because she’s light and a delight to work with. She can work with many personality types, dance levels, and dance styles and has a diverse repertoire that can be applied to any dance style. No matter what stage one is at with their piece, whether it is concept development, creating choreography, altering existing movement, or adding final touches, Anna adds value to every process. One experience with Anna and you’ll be hooked! I witness it time and time again when one experiences Anna for the first time. Anna’s classes fill up within minutes of being announced. Anna is quite humble about her brilliance, so I will tout it for her!”–Kirstyn Rawlings, 2014 PPC Level 4 Dramatic Champion, Principal Dancer Girl Next Door- a Pole Dance Soirée

“I first had the opportunity and privilege of working with Anna Grundstrom in the winter of 2014, when I decided to take on the daunting challenge of participating in my first pole dance competition. I had merely heard of Anna and her work and only viewed a handful of YouTube videos of her movement before deciding that I was very interested in working with her. Anna graciously took time out of her super tight schedule to fly to my location and in the weekend we spent exploring movement together, I realized I was in the company of an artist, a visionary, a genius. Anna is able to access movement and musical nuances that are incredibly unique, breath-taking, raw, and sensual.

It wasn’t until later that same summer that I truly got to experience the phenomena that is a class with Anna as instructor. From ‘trip hopera’ to primal rhythm, each week Anna selected a different musical genre and shared choreography that made your mind, body, and soul want to sing in harmony with the music. Our last collaboration was for my performance piece as the vice of ‘Gluttony’ for the Kelly Yvonne Production of SEVEN. I came to Anna with my concept and from there, was born one of the most provocative, evocative, and scintillating pieces I have ever channeled through dance.

Anna is a consummate professional, a beautiful soul, a gentle but ferocious spirit, and a pioneer or choreography and movement. In parting, my advice to all reading is this: if you are ever presented with the opportunity to work with Anna, TAKE IT IN BOTH HANDS AND HOLD ON TIGHT!!!”–Divine Em,Pole Artist, Competitor, & Instructor at YouFemIsm Movement

“I was referred to Anna by USPDF Pro, Shelly Lamb. We had Shelly in to teach a pole workshop, and she took my class while she was in town. Having been in the pole world for many years, I knew Anna’s name, but didn’t know much about her. Shelly thought that Anna and I would have a lot in common, as we are both very passionate about movement. I booked Anna for a workshop, but met her a few weeks prior to the workshop when I went to a performance by the Pulse Project, which Anna was performing in. I was completely blown away by the show, and especially by Anna’s performance. In this world of crazy pole tricks, it’s easy to lose sight of the movement. At Dakini, it’s very important that any pole work happen organically within in the movement. Pulse Project gave a powerful performance that included poles, but told a story through movement. It really was so much like what we do (or strive to do) at Dakini. I met Anna after the show, and immediately felt a connection. Since the first workshop that Anna taught at Dakini, we’ve had her back several times, and will continue to book her. She is regular guest at Dakini. Anna is a rare find. She is so incredibly accomplished and has a tremendous dance background, yet she is so approachable, funny, and genuine. She explains things very well, and brings so much variety into her teachings. Yes, there is pole, but movement is the focus. Anna has so many ideas, and is so enthusiastic and inventive! Anna suggests little changes (levels, shapes, tempos, etc), and everything changes. I always leave the workshop brimming with ideas, and feeling completely inspired. Anna’s workshops are unique in that, I walk away thinking differently. Just when I think I’ve done it all and seen it all in movement, Anna somehow manages to open another door. I take these ideas into my practice and my teaching, and it’s made me better all the way around. Those who have participated in Anna’s workshops rave about her, and she is a favorite guest. In addition to workshops, Anna has also choreographed several beautiful pieces for women at our studio who have performed and competed. Anna is truly gifted in bringing out personality and emotion in dance, and building on one’s strengths in the most caring and beautiful way.”–Jeanine Caparoso, Owner and Master Instructor at Dakini Movement Studio in Warren, NJ

“I met Anna through a mutual pole friend when Anna was visiting LA. She struck me as this unassuming pole dancer, just like anyone else, but then I saw her giving some feedback to the mutual friend on how to liven up her movement and I was struck by her genius! She didn’t even radically change any of the movement; there were small tweaks that made so much difference or sometimes a different intention that was added, but it made all the gave the dance new life! Ever since then I wanted to work with her. At first she would also give me feedback on routines I was working on whenever she was in town, then for PPC 2014 I asked her to fully choreograph the routine for me. It was actually to a song that I had heard her play during a warm up before. The hard part was that I live in LA and she lives in NYC. Because of my own background, we agreed that I would work on the passes on my own and place them in the song and she would fill in all the holes. We started out by passing videos back and forth and I was supposed to go to NYC for a few days to solidify everything. Unfortunately the Polar Vortex of 2014 descended on the Northeast and my trip was cancelled so we continued to trade videos. I would check in with her on everything from trick technique (which is an awesome plus- not all choreographers have her pole skill level!) to costume decisions to music modifications. Ultimately, we produced one of the routines that I am most proud of, and I hope that she will be able to choreograph more routines for me in the future! Please move to LA so those future sessions will be easier to make happen!” —Lily Huang, Pole Moves Certified Pole Instructor, California Pole Dance Amateur Champion 2012, Principal Dancer, Girl Next Door- a Pole Dance Soirée

“I first meet Anna Grundstrom, at the studio where I practice pole dancing, during a partnering workshop. The second she started teaching I felt so drawn and connected to her because of her easygoing demeanor and extreme talent and skill with the art of dance. At that point I knew that I would have to work with her on future competition pieces. In the year 2014, she worked side by side with me on two pole dance routines, one was for the Regional Atlantic Pole Competition, in which I placed third and sent me to Nationals, where I placed fourth. I would not have been that successful without her.

Anna takes great pride in her work and goes the extra mile. Not only was she available and present during my private sessions with her but she was consistently checking in on my progress and was there for me at any time for any reason. Besides working on routines together, she has been such an amazing support and has given me confidence when I needed it most. Ultimately, she is very gifted. Anna has a great eye for her subject’s movement qualities and choreographs accordingly to where their body moves organically through space. I look forward to working with Anna again and highly recommend her.” —Judy Mirbach, APC 2013 Dramatic level 4 2nd place, APC 2014 Professional Championship 3rd place, PPC Nationals Professional level 4th place

“It is with great honor, admiration and respect that I write to you about my colleage, Pulse Project Company member and dear friend, Anna Grundstrom.

When I first saw Anna dance it was in my pole workshop 2 years ago and I could not take my eyes off of her. I asked her to join The PULSE Project that very week and we have been so incredibly lucky to have her energy and talent on board! She is not only technically stellar and as strong as an ox but her power lies in her innate ability to move her viewer. Anna’s emotional connection to the movement drives the choreography. As well, Anna is an incredible coach. She has been the lead pole technique coach for The PULSE Project. Even though she’s one of the kindest people I know she is one tough coach. You WILL succeed under her direction. She knows how to pull it out of you and without injuring yourself. We have all grown and under her inspiring tutelage! Anna is an asset to every project, classroom and human experience. I recommend her as a dance educator, performer and an inspiring force.” —Brook Notary, Creator/Artistic director of The PULSE Project

“Anna will take your dancing from “cute” to a real performance. True, sometimes the process forces you through uncomfortable territory: she makes you move and connect with the pole in ways your body never imagined. However, when I’m working on a routine or trying out something new, it is Anna’s eye and honest feedback I trust most.” —Caitlin Goddard, NYC-based pole performer & Body and Pole instructor

“I’ve been training with Anna for over three years now. Simply watching her dance is inspiring enough to make me want to work harder but Anna doesn’t stop there. Her infections passion and easy going personality makes me want to work with Anna as often as possible, even if I can’t walk from a previous session with her. If you want to become a better pole dancer or simply get physical fit, Anna is your girl!” —Debra Wolf, VP Sales Management

“Anna’s classes in a word are revealing… As in, you get to know yourself a little better every class. They are unique, breathtaking in choreography and simply beautiful. But most important of all, gives you the opportunity to explore with your own body. I can say without a doubt, that her influence to my pole dancing have been vast. She has made me push myself, let go and thereby I have been able to surprise myself! The movements and the connections she makes with the pole literally have made me want to cry!” —Niyati Mehta, Graphic Designer

“I’ve been dancing with Anna for more than a year, she is the consummate instructor, she takes the time to learn her students and know their capabilities. Anna pushes and challenges your boundaries in dance and has a way of giving the smallest of corrections, that immediately improves a spin or invert that you may be having difficulty with. Anna’s imagination and creativity is incomparable –every routine in class is a magical adventure of combining the art of dance with the art of pole. She is truly an amazing teacher and wonderful mentor who I look up to.” –-Sasha Holder, RN

“I have the utmost respect for Anna!!! I love the passion and the level of detail she puts into her work!! I have collaborated with Anna on several of my recital pieces!!! I chose to work with her because of her non-traditional arsenal of movements and also her ability to see my vision for my piece!!! She is always encouraging, challenging me to do better so that my piece can exceed my own expectations!!! Working with her has been a truly wonderful experience, she has taken many of my pieces from mediocre to truly exceptional !!!!” Thank you Anna —Tara Harris, Engineering

Unpredictable choreography, unexpected movement sequences, creative ways of connecting with the pole and inspired musicality; Anna’s movement style feels amazing in my body. It liberates my inner artist that craves more than just dance steps and pole tricks, but emotional expression that tells a personal story. And her thoughtful, soft-spoken humility belies her ability to push me toward technical and artistic advancement.” —Kira Lamb; NYC -based dancer, Writer, Bodyworker

“Anna is not just a good teacher, she is a great dancer. I can tell from her beautiful choreography. I have been dancing since high school as my favorite hobby and learned from so many teachers. When I started Pole dance, I was sure she would be my best dance teacher in my first class and I was right. I see her as great teacher, but also she is great dancer. When I pole dance, I realize that I need little bit everything from all the different dance style plus so much strength in my body. Anna is a teacher who knows “dance” and teach it to students. Anna knows how to use body to move smoothly, how to show expression, how to get strength and much more. She is also great choreographer. I sometimes enjoy dancing with so much fun, I sometimes cry for beautiful choreograph. It is just always different feeling in every class. I took over 100 classes with Anna, but I never ever get bored, She just has arsenal of dancing technique and choreography. A lot of teacher has own style that they normally stay with. But she challenge different style, which I love it so much. She is real dancer. At the same time, she is real teacher, which I love about her. Anyway, I would like to take her class every day. That much I fall in love her as a teacher and a dancer.” —Mimi Imanishi, Makeup Artist

“Anna is probably the best dancer/instructor I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She makes her movements look effortless and her routines are always so creative and different every time. She knows how to break down each move to her students and has always challenged me to my greatest potential. The thing I have always loved most about Anna’s instruction is that she is so open to each individual’s interpretation of her routines and encourages all of her students to find their own style within her choreography. Anna has taught me so much in the three years I’ve trained with her, from basic movements to inverts to even breaking down how to teach pole dancing to others. She is so encouraging, creative, inspiring, and she’s also really funny (which makes her a blast to work with)! I would highly recommend Anna to anyone who is looking for an instructor or a performer.” —Stephanie Rafail, Program Manager Human Resources

“I am a loyal student of Anna for about 2 years now. Her dance classes, both pole and chair, are of an incredible value for everybody who wants to grow and develop as a well-rounded pole dancer. Anna has a unique sense of music and body movement, and is able to connect both into a magic performance. She is a careful teacher who will lead you through the most difficult routine and make it feel as if it is naturally coming from your heart. I enjoy every class with her and wish everybody has a chance to learn the beauty and soul of pole dancing with this wonderful teacher and dancer.” —Maria Shumskaya, Molecular Biologist

“There are three pole dancing studios within a 20-35min drive from my home. Regardless, I travel 2 hrs each way just to take class with Anna. Why would I do this to myself? Because I’m passionate about my continued growth as a pole dancer. Anna’s choreography, expression, versatility, and technical skill, speak to my quest of becoming the best dancer and performer I can. In addition to safely learning pole tricks, Anna will have you exploring and expanding your definitions of movement and expression. You will be dancing more completely than you ever have- being physically pushed while not forgetting that a performance is more than movement. It can utilize these lines and silhouettes to express emotion or tell a story. Anna nurtures these qualities that separate a good pole dancer from an unforgettable one. I can’t recommend Anna enough to anyone who is truly serious about learning pole, looking to expand their repertoire, or need some polishing before a performance.” —Tamara Garabedian, Technical Director, Blue Sky Studios/20th Century Fox, Instructor at The Choreography House

“Anna Grundstrom is an amazing performer and a huge boon to any project. In retrospect if I had cast anyone else in the film, the project wouldn’t have been a success. No other dancer, actor, or performer who could’ve learned as many new things as she was able to do in such a short time. I handed her a ninja mask and some high heels and she gave me back a star making turn in an action movie. There wasn’t a single day i came to set where I was worried about her performance, which I think could be the highest compliment a director could give.” —Dan Goodman, Producer and Director of “Skinja”

“Whenever someone asks me about Anna’s classes I always say “Anna’s classes are like poetry on the pole.” She teaches you how to tell a story with your movement. Anna encourages you to challenge not only your skills as a dancer, but as a performer. So many times after Anna has taught a routine, she just tells us to go with the music, to feel it and make the choreography your own with your own style. For me, that part of Anna’s teaching style is so important because I want to be able to connect with the music and connect with the performance. I’ve seen Anna dance with some of the best in the biz and she stands out on stage. The joy and passion she has for dance radiates from her body with every movement. That’s what she shares with her students. I am truly privileged to have her as an instructor. “ —Jasmine Nelson, student