About Me

How I Got Here

Dear Reader, 

Life has a funny way of taking you places you don’t expect. In 2008 my part-time teaching job as a pole instructor quickly turned into a full-time gig that led to the opportunity to co-found the organization USPDF. My free time was stripped from my calendar and replaced with long days of teaching and longer nights of production preparation. I loved it, but I needed to take a step back to re-evaluate my decisions and where they will take me in life.

I left the organization to focus on myself as an artist and instructor and time off gave me new perspective. I found myself thinking about what makes people move in their own unique way, or why there such a gap between what is projected on stage and what the audience receives? So I set out to make a change.

My life’s journey has led me to here, to help people discover what movement is for them and how anyone can enjoy the expression of movement. Using my teaching experience I started to coach and co-choreograph pole dancers mainly who compete and perform at all levels from beginners to elite. I have created workshops across the country designed with my personal approach to movement and different approaches using the pole as a prop. Doing what I love has given me the most joy I can ever ask of life.

I hope to inspire with my story or my movement and hopefully have the chance to be part of your artistic journey.

With Love,




“Anna will take your dancing from “cute” to a real performance. True, sometimes the process forces you through uncomfortable territory: she makes you move and connect with the pole in ways your body never imagined…” —Caitlin Goddard, NYC-based pole performer & instructor

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