Artistic Coach

Artistic Philosophy

AG_IanStuart_GL2There is no one quite like Anna Grundstrom. Anyone who’s worked with her would agree that her passion and empathy give her the rare ability to help each of her clients find their own unique way of moving.

Anna is an artistic coach and instructor based in NY. She’s coached a wide range of pole competitors from amateurs to the elite, in NY and LA.She is the Creative Director of the all-star pole-based variety show “Iron Candy,” currently residing  in NYC and is a core dancer of Brook Notary’s “The Pulse Project.”

Anna believes in building on the dancer’s core strengths and emphasizing on the individual’s natural movement.  She offers tools to help clients become more aware of each of their movements and celebrates their progress.

Whomever the client, Anna is able to help them connect the dots between their choreography,  a larger concept and teaches the techniques that drive audiences wild.  Anna believes that their is often a gap between what the perform wishes to send to the audience versus what the audience receives. She works closely with clients to close these gaps to create meaningful works of art.

There are many factors that go into a performance. To have mastered tricks, remembered the choreography and being able to run it full out doesn’t create a performance; that’s only  a routine. Her artistic philosophy is make the piece unique to the performer so each individual’s beauty is revealed to their audience.


“Anna has a gentle, contemplative and approachable style, and effortlessly adapts choreography and movement language to the individual dancer… I highly recommend anyone working on a performance or competition piece to collaborate with Anna. Your routine will be you, only better.”–Natasha Wang, International Pole Artist and Champion

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